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Innovation and industry 4.0, what’s new for the forest industry

Innovation and industry 4.0, what’s new for the forest industry

Brand new development strategy for the forest industry of Quebec with main focus on innovation and automation !


The upcoming 5 years will be synonym of changes for the forest sector. The government of Quebec has just released its new development plan for the industry. Ambitious goals that aim to focus on changes, innovation and automation.


A new strategy from Quebec’s government: “Forest products, a wealth to cultivate.”

It is this past June 18th, that the new strategy of Quebec’s government has been released “Forest products, a wealth to cultivate”.

A brand new initiative for the forest industry. The government is focusing on innovation to increase the contribution of the industry towards the economy of Quebec and its regions.

Precise and ambitious goals for the upcoming 5 years that are presented around 5 major points:

  • Innovation
  • Modernization and improvement of equipment and processes
  • Regulations and public policies
  • Business environment
  • Markets

The targeted measures are intended to promote diversification, growth and competitiveness of all sectors of the forest industry.

Innovation, modernization and improvement of the equipment and processes are major challenges for this sector. The government aims, amongst other things, to promote and support innovative projects and provide expertise to businesses and organizations in the sector.

Industry 4.0 at the centerpiece of this new strategy

Up until now, it was all about the 3rd industrial revolution with electronics and the emergence of Information Technologies. However, it is now a question of digital revolution or industry 4.0 with the integration of digital technologies within industrial processes.

Automation, sensors, and robotized transformations modeling our traditional factories into 4.0 factories.
Industrial processes are becoming simpler,  assembly lines more secure and  performance are increasing considerably.Key advantages for a competitive industry.
With its new development strategy, the government is looking to empower those smart factories so as to increase production and performance as well as optimizing resource allocation.


IDCAM : major player in the industrial automation of the forestry sector

“We encourage our customers to start by defining the strategic elements for the performance of the plant, and to establish a precise automation plan accordingly”, states Ian Mathis, co-founder of IDCAM, the company that supports all players of the  industry in their automation process and their transformation into smart factories or factories 4.0.

IDCAM has a strong expertise in the forestry sector, a market where automation and industrial optimization provide great advantages in terms of performance and production gain. As a matter of fact, IDCAM is currently working on a contract of
automated grading lines with Stella Jones. This line will increase significantly the speed of the gradation of the wood bringing out new contract opportunities for the company.


Innovation, modernization and automation are major components of Quebec government’s strategic focus for the forest industry. An industry that is moving into a 4.0 shift where it is all about better performance, production gain, and smart factories.