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The new industrial revolution to counter the demographic reality

The new industrial revolution to counter the demographic reality

Automation and robotics to overcome labor shortage

Quebec, Canada and the East coast of the united states have been facing a major labor shortage for several years now. Some industries are highly affected by the demographic reality that is getting worse over the years. Automation and robotics are interesting solutions to consider in order to effectively overcome the lack of resources.

The forest industry suffering from labor shortage

Several industries suffer from the labor shortage that has taken over North America those past years and the forest industry makes no exception. In fact, the lack of resources is particularly affecting this sector and the problem is likely to get worse over the years.

The demographic reality is such that in 2030, Quebec will lose 140 000 of its workers. A real problem for several industries and alarming consequences such as the loss in experience and expertise and the loss of contracts and competitivity.

Among the solutions suggested to counter the problem, immigration, better staff retention and senior employment  are generally mentioned.

Technology can also be a real asset to overcome labor shortage, and yet it is often forgotten.

The new industrial revolution,  a controversial solution to overcome labor shortage

The new industrial revolution and more specifically the automation and robotics are interesting options when it comes to overcome labor shortage in industries such as the forestry.

Automation tends to have bad press on the subject, since it is too often associated to job cuts. However it is important to take it into consideration for its advantages in terms of resource optimization and retention.

Several benefits can be found in automation and robotics, such as :

  • Simplification of processes and assembly lines
  • Suppression of tedious production steps
  • Time savings, production increase and profitability
  • Creation of technological jobs
  • Improvement and evolution of job stations

Optimal and attractive job conditions, jobs and careers in evolution, increase in productivity for companies that need to remain competitive on a challenging market.

The industrial revolution becomes a real asset to overcome labor shortage.

IDCAM for a custom support towards the industrial revolution and resources optimization  

IDCAM is specialized in automation and industrial robotics and can testify on the benefits that has the industrial revolution on employment. IDCAM stands out with its industrial automation services tailor-made for the forest industry. Our expertise in optimizing line processes in wood mills has tremendous benefits for businesses that lack manpower or seek to value certain jobs.  A tailor-made support to the technological revolution allows IDCAM customers to better understand this transition, and to optimize the management of the company’s resources accordingly.

Automation and industrial robotics are in the process of becoming unavoidable solutions to overcome the lack of employment in certain industries, particularly the forest industry. Companies that do not use these solutions are bound to disappear. With tailor-made support, companies in the sector will be able to optimize their current resources, and  improve productivity and competitiveness.