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The lumberman and the machine

The lumberman and the machine

A long time ago already, when winter came back, as it always does, my grand-father would go from farmer to lumberman. 

He would go up North during the long winter months, with his manual huge saws. We were far from chainsaw and other mechanical wonders back then. 

What my grandfather would have thought of those hard-working machines built by the IDCAM team, it’s hard to tell. My guess is that he would have asked on the spot how it works!

Machines for the wood industry

In the wood industry now a days, nobody is waiting for spring to deliver the wood to the sawmills or the pulp and paper manufacture any more. 

Today, engineers are able to design custom-made machine that suits your compagny specific needs. 

At least, that’s what we do for our clientsat IDCAM. Our team of engineers and technicians has developed an expertise in industrial automation for the wood industry.

Mechanical design

IDCAM creates innovative machines designs for your business, always bearing the safety of your employees in mind. 

Our Mechanical design service includ design 2D & 3D, production line design and custom machine design. What does it mean exactly? Ian Mathis-Rioux P.Eng, President of IDCAM, explains : 

« When we talk about cream of the crop technology, we’re not just talking about 3D design. Instead, we’re talking more about a computer simulation and complete element analysis of your next machines. Also, with mechanical design, we’re talking about smart machines that are able to detect mechanical problems, exactly like the new cars sold these days.
Now, today’s technology allows us to include in our product a basic remote diagnosis and problem solving system, that enable us to fix the problem without having to physically be there. More so, these new design methods decreases the delivery time of your new equipment and the time to put the machines to work.»

The IDCAM machine

We built for your industry fast, precise and strong custom-made machines.

When it comes down to the wood industry, we created machines that makes your business able to cope with the fast pace of this sector.

IDCAM’S Tilt Hoist is customizable to suit every application and comes with many options.

With is electric motorization and built in sticker recovery system, the IDCAM’S tilt hoist is designed for minimal down time during the installation and gives you the lowest level of maintenance possible.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services. We can also meet with us at the Montreal Wood Convention, coming up in March 2019.