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Within its team, IDCAM has strong skills and knowledge of the steel industry. Our field of expertise touches all applications related to the metal industry, mainly in steelworks and thread machine. We can help your company making significant improvements in its production process. We can also assist you in the automation of old or non-productive equipment in your company to reduce the impact of these bottlenecks.

Our staff carried out projects such as:

  • Improvement of evacuation pipes for gases coming from electric arc furnaces
  • Redesign of preheater systems of the casting vessels
  • Handling of billets and slabs of steel
  • Improvement of steel casting carts
  • Upgrading the cooling systems of continuous casting

We also have a great expertise in production lines of rods and galvanization. Our team can help you with projects like:

  • Systems of cooling water tower
  • Electromagnetic galvanization system
  • System of soaking and/or wire cooling
  • Automated winding system
  • Wire diameter controling system before and after galvanization
  • Consulting for equipment integration
  • Complete factory layout

We know production constraints and lead times for these large-scale projects are sometime difficult to insert into an already very busy schedule. Our project managers will always stay in contact with you to optimize results with minimal impact on your production schedule.

The improvements you will bring to your steelmill or your metal transformation plant will position your company as a leader, ready to face tomorrow’s challenges. Work with IDCAM to make significant gains in productivity and remain competitive in your market!