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GOING SOUTH ! IDCAM at the Atlanta Expo 2021

The team at IDCAM is proud to attend the Forest Products, Machinery & Equipment Expo 2021 in Atlanta on August 11, 12 and 13. It is a great privilege to be able to share our innovative custom-made solutions for industrial automation with visitors from all over the world. For nearly 70 years, the Expo provides […]

Fire retardant treated wood and insects preservative treated wood :  the big plus your wood production needs

Among a rising number of architects, engineers and structure designers, using wood as the main material seems to be a growing trend.  Wood, a noble and renewable raw material, used since forever in construction, is considered as the main attraction in many construction projects these days, from housing projects to megastore projects. Sometimes, wood will […]

The lumberman and the machine

A long time ago already, when winter came back, as it always does, my grand-father would go from farmer to lumberman.  He would go up North during the long winter months, with his manual huge saws. We were far from chainsaw and other mechanical wonders back then.  What my grandfather would have thought of those […]