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IDCAM offers several custom-made solutions for industrial automation in the wood industry. We developed an expertise in process improvements on complete production lines. We work in sawmills and other primary or secondary wood products manufacturing companies. We can design several projects with you such as:


IDCAM’S Tilt Hoist offer options and is customizable to suit every application.

Continuous flow, optionnal on our tilt hoist, offers exceptionally quick cycle times. With electric motors our equipement gives you the best precision, constancy and no need of an expansive hydraulic power unit. Built robust enough to meet any kind of needs in lumber industry.

IDCAM’S tilt hoist is design for minimal down time during the installation and gives you the lowest level of maintenance possible.

• Continuous flow (option)
• Electric motorization
• Hammer for frozen bundles
• Built in sticker recovery system
• Speed control management


IDCAM’S unscrambler has a ruggedly built frame and parts.

Our unscrambler comes with unique technology delivering a straightened, single layer of boards to the outfeed chains with consistent and reliable performance.

IDCAM’S unscrambler contains a straight bed offering a jam free performance.

• Electric motorization
• Low maintenance level
• Unique technology to avoid lumber stacking
• Double unscrambler (option)


IDCAM’S lug loader has a simplified design and is fully automated.

Our low maintenance lug loader allows to perfectly feed the switch or lug chain.

IDCAM’S lug loader offer a better adaptablility to any lumber size.

• Electric motor
• Fully automated
• No setup required
• High speed lug loader (option)


IDCAM’S push-drum is reliable and compact to fit confined spaces.

Our low maintenance push-drum is the perfect equipment to transfert lug from transversal to longitudinal.

IDCAM’S push-drum has a single bloc action offering a more efficient wood extraction.

• Compact
• Heavy duty
• Minimial setup required
• Variable speed
• High speed (option)


IDCAM’S stacker is low and simplified maintenance.

Our stacker is the perfect equipment to prepare lug bundle for strapping.

IDCAM’S stacker has a built in live fence and a unique forks system offering a better adaptability. We also offer a double forks stacker option that give a faster cycle time, but with the same size as a simple fork stacker.

• Compact
• Electric motor
• Automated
• Continuous flow (option)
• Automated stickers magazine (option)


IDCAM’S ID tagger is the perfect way to counter lack of staff.

Our ID tagger is the best way to automate vinyl label application.

IDCAM’S ID tagger is fully adapted to suit every application and need.

• Design for continuous application
• Identifies board position and center
• Vision based

• Complete line available (option)


IDCAM can offer complete turn key project for any size. Starting from simple equipment to a complete production line.

IDCAM offer several custom-made solutions for industrial automation, such as log infeed lines , classification sorter and positionning fence.

But we can offer much more:

• Wood optimizer
• Robotic manipulations
• Wood grader
• Industrial dust collector

We can adapt our equipment to fit any required footprint, we also offer custom solutions that will address any production needs (all lumber types).

For an automated solution in the forest industry, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, they will know how to meet your needs.